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New Home Builders

New Home Builders

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Bell Development (Jay Bell,builder) specializes in the development of single family residential neighborhoods and the construction of single family homes.
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Dexter White and David Dalton, builders
Call today!1-423-899-5943

Don Walker Rentals
Don Walker has over 40 years experience in the rental of residential properties consisting of single family homes, duplexes and apartments.
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1-423-394-2000 or 1-423-488-1519

Ival Goldstein, builder
Call today!1-423-488-5431

Jim O'Kelley,Jr., builder/developer
Call today!1-423-886-2417

John Stutz, builder
Choo Choo Homes, Inc.
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Pratt & Associates, LLC
James Pratt & Win Pratt Builders and Developers

Member of Southern Living Custom Home Program
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Spurling Construction Company Our goal is to ensure excellent designs, quality materials, and superior workmanship.
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1-423-421-2676 or 899-0122 or email [email protected]!

T. A. Lupton, Junior developer of Emerald Valley and Ramsgate Click here to visit

Chuck Robertson, Custom Home Builder
Robertson Construction
Call today!1-423-238-3659